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Simple. Community Driven. Sustainable. House swap holidays are the sharing economy at its best.

House swapping- the real sharing economy

Do you have a love of travel but feel bad about the resources you use every time to head to a new destination? House swap holidays provide guilt free holiday options for community minded and environmentally conscious travel lovers. They're the perfect way to explore the world and reduce your travel carbon foot print. House swapping is easy, affordable and the sharing economy at its finest!

Unlike Airbnb which puts a strain on rental markets, house swapping allows communities to share their resources in order to travel without any negative impact on the housing market.

No money changes hands between parties, just good old-fashioned sharing; “I’ll swap my home with you and we can both enjoy a travel adventure”. Simple. Community driven. Sustainable. 

Recent studies have shown that house swap holiday carbon emissions are reduced by over 60% compared with hotel accommodation. Water usage is usually less, and waste is more likely to be recycled.

This means you can stay for free in a comfy home, with full kitchen and laundry facilities, and at the same time be contributing positively to the planet. It’s a win win!

House swap holidays also support local businesses. Swappers live like a local rather than as a hotel guest, and the savings on accommodation are often spent locally, buying fresh food, wine and enjoying the local café scene.

If this sounds like it’s too good to be true, it’s not! We have thousands of like-minded swap members ready to meet you to organise a house swap holiday and it’s just so easy.

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Start planning your next house swap travel adventure with a smile, knowing that you’re choosing one of the most sustainable travel options around.